Just Shea is a social business created to increase the leverage, income and safety of the 600,000 women In Ghana who participate in the global shea trade. Shea butter is made from the small nuts of the shea tree, these nuts are harvested from the ground when ripe and cooked down to create the wonderfully emollient, healing butter used in our products. All of our net profits are channeled through our non-profit ( to provide snake bite protection, improved equipment and Infrastructure, and, in turn, increased economic return, for the women who harvest and process Just Shea.

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Just Shea is a project of One Village Planet-Women's Development Initiative, a non-profit that helps women support their families through sustainable agriculture.
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These ultra rich, delicately scented creams are made from pure Ghanaian shea butter that is harvested responsibly and safely. You may not know it but shea butter is a natural antibiotic and has been proven to actually rebuild your derma layer. Of course your skin looks amazing it is actually healing.
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All profits from Just Shea are spent on better equipment, storage silos, and protection for women shea harvesters in Ghana.
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Protect 30,000 women's lives in Ghana now.